Japanese songs for learning Japanese with easy and simple lyrics

Learning a language through songs is a good idea. The best criterion for choosing one is absolutely what you like listening to. For those who don’t know many Japanese songs yet, I will recommend some for you.

how to search for the lyrics of Japanese songs

The easiest way is search Youtube with the keywords like “the name of a song lyrics”.
You can search Yahoo! Japan with the keyword of “歌詞” accompanied by the name of the song for the full script.
If you wish to know the meaning of the song between the lines, you could search by adding “意味” in the search keywords.

Pop music

If you have any question about the meaning of the lyrics, leave a message down below.

負けないで by Zard

For the lyrics, visit this page.

壊れかけのRadio by 徳山英明

未来へ by キロロ


Enka(演歌、えんか) is a genre of traditional.

また君に恋してる by 坂本冬美

津軽海峡・冬景色 by 石川さゆり

So, what’s your favorite Japanese song? Let me hear about that!

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