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Content of this website

This website is concerned with efficient and effective language learning methods.

Methodological Background

My methodology for learning language is based on the following two components:

  • linguistics studies
  • my own experience

Some of strategies come from the studies of linguistics branches such as:

  • Second Language Acquisition(SLA)
  • comparative linguistics
  • corpus linguistics
  • phonetics

Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

SLA is the study domain on how they learn a language other than their first language.

Comparative Linguistics

It studies what relation one word in a language has with a word in another language. For example, the word “dictionary” and the word “dictionaire” in French share a common origin.

Corpus linguistics

This branch of the linguistics attends to all the kinds of vocabularies in all contexts. It goes a long way to find frequently used vocabulary, which we should learn first.


Phonetics is the domain on pronunciation.


Other insights are originated in my rich experience of learning languages.

Multilingual Pages

One of the great features of this website is its multilingual pages. By clicking the page like in the bottom of every page, you can find pages in different languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified). In addition, I’m planning to launch Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese soon. You can read pages in any language you like.


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