Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

SLA is a subfield of linguistics. It mainly deals with the process of acquiring a second language.
Language learning strategies, one of SLA’s studies, provides great insightful statistics such as strategies employed by good language learners.


Rod Ellis, a prominent SLA researcher, puts it as:

The samples of oral and written language a learner is exposed to while learning or using a particular L2.

Input is a pivotal foundation for language acquisition.


Production of language in oral or written forms.

Without input, language acquisition will never occur, but some studies suggest that output plays an auxiliary role to make learners acquire the grammar, since we can catch the meaning of a message without the grammar, but cannot avoid it on an output occasion.


A corpus is A list of all the vocabulary in a certain context. It provides us with which words are more used than others, thus which words we should memorize.

Its plural form for corpus is corpora.


To receive input.

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